AW Musik is a record label company founded by Anup Wasave (Aw) in 2018.

In 2017, AW Musik was informally established and made appearances in a few videos that were published by its parent company, AW Music Site, also known as AW Music. In April 2018, AW Musik was officially launched with the release of its inaugural album, "FL Studio Album" by Aw.

2018 - FL Studio Album/FLSA, FL Studio Album 2, One & Two & Three Bgm (S/O. Satyamurthy), Music Maker Jam Album, Dil Ne (instrumental), Tumse Milne, FL Studio Album 3
2019 - FLSA Mashup, Instrumental Marathi Hits, Out of the Mind, Madness of Music, DJ - Dangerous Jaanbaaz BGM, Motyachi Maal (Ganapati Special Song), FL Studio Album 4, FLSA 5 (Original Back Again)
2020 - The Noob Gamer
2021 - TSK 3 BGM - Madness Of Love/Crazy Feelling BGM, Out Of The Mind 2, Mobile Wale Musicians, MLA BGM, Yes You Are, EDM Wale Musicians (Dhol Mix), Happy Birthday Shailya, Madness Of Southern Music, Mobile Wale Musicians 2, EDM Wale Musicians 2, The Outro (Extended), The Noob Gamer 2, Southern Guitar Rhythm, Mother's Cheer
2022 - The Sky, Out Of The Mind 3, The Southern Vibe, The Southern Vibe 2.0, Melody Of Memories, Madness Of Music 2, Mobile Wale Musicians 3, The MMJ Things, History II, Unstoppable, Mobile Wale Musicians 4, Halloween Party, Classical Mess Up, Motyachi Maal 2, Life: Goes Up and Down
2023 - Out Of The Mind 4, Anywhere, Energetic Embrace, The Milestone, I Love You Baby, Infinity, Wisdom, Gangs, Morning, Lovely, Energetic Embrace 2, Madness of southern Music 2, Life 2: Never Give Up

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